Freezer Inventories

This time of the year our freezer is always overflowing from summer produce and it seems impossible to keep track of what's buried at the very bottom. I find myself digging through the layers to see what we have on hand in order to put together our meal plan. Items get forgotten and now that we have two freezers my sweet husband is always asking which freezer an item is located.

Here is what I have put together that has really helped keep our freezers organized, keep items from becoming lost, insure a regular rotation of food and ease the meal planning process.

We divided our freezers into the following sections:

Smaller freezer
Meats, beans, broths and freezer corn.

Larger freezer
Fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread products, desserts, freezer meals and components to meals.

A full inventory of the freezers were made and the items are listed by category. A box with a 1 is listed for each container or bag of the item. There is plenty of room to cross off each item as it gets used.

There are also lots of open boxes to mark with more items as they are added to the freezer. This has been a perfect set up for us and I love how easy it is to see what's in the freezer and what I need to stock up on.

If you would like a copy of this Excel file to use for your own freezer inventory, feel free to email me at savoryseasonings{at}gmail dot com.

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