Taco Seasoning Mix

½ cup dried minced onions
1/8 cup salt
¼ cup chili powder
1/8 cup flour or tapioca starch
1/8 cup dried red pepper flakes
1/8 cup garlic powder
1 TBSP oregano
2 TBSP cumin

Blend all ingredients together in food processor, then store in a spice jar (makes 1 1/3 cup). Use to season meat and beans for burritos, tacos, taco salad, bean dips and fajitas. Perfect substitute for the taco seasoning packets sold at the grocery store.

Recipe adapted from the "Make-a-Mix" Cookbook.


reluctant farm girl said...

First I have to say the I have been visiting your site DAILY for wonderful recipes!. My husband has had some severe reations dizzyness and sweats, flushing, nausea and vomiting. After trips to the doctor and a balance/sinus/ear therapist, I was very discouraged with the results, (which were NONE) After some research I decided to try removing MSG laden foods from our diet. A very daunting task, as it is in everything, and my husband seems to be very sensitive to all forms of MSG. Now to my question, I have been wanting to try the Taco seasoning, but all of the chili powders from the store have on the label "seasoning" or "spice, that include... and it goes on to list some different spices. What kind of chili powder do you use? Do you think that the ambiguous name "seasonings", are a form of hidden MSG? I am new to this and would appreciate your input:)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hello! I'm sorry to hear of your husbands reactions but grateful you were able to track down the cause of them. I'm glad you have been able to find some useful recipes- if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I have trouble finding Chili powder without "spices" on the label as well. I'm able to use McCormick light chili powder. A few years ago their dark chili powder was safe as well but last time I was at the store they added "spices" to the label.

I usually buy the light chili powder in the large containers at Costco or specialty culinary/catering stores because we go through a lot of it and its so much cheaper in bulk.

Good luck!

JP said...

Safeway chili powder does not have spices added!