Chocolate Donut Glaze

2 tablespoons milk (or dairy-free milk)
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Whisk ingredients together until smooth, adding a little more milk if needed.  Dip donuts into glaze, then allow to glaze to firm before serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 cup butter
¾ cup sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 tsp. baking soda
¾ tsp. salt
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 ½ cup all purpose flour

1-2 cups chocolate chips

Cream together butter, sugars and vanilla.  Add eggs, then dry ingredients.  Bake at 350 F for 8-10 minutes on a greased cookie sheet.

Thanks to my Dad for this favorite recipe!

Easy Gluten Free Brownies

1 stick butter (8 TBSP) 

1/4 cup cocoa powder 

1/2 cup brown sugar 
1/2 cup sugar 
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract 

2 eggs

1/4 cup corn starch
1/2 cup chocolate chips 

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Line a 9x9 baking dish with parchment, spray with oil. In a medium sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat. Stir in cocoa powder for 20-30 seconds until thick and smooth. Remove from heat then add remaining ingredients in order listed. Pour into baking dish. Bake 27-30 minutes. Allow to cool for 1 hour before serving. 

Meatballs and Pasta

1 LB Ground Beef
Fresh Rosemary, finely minced
1/2 cup Bread crumbs
2 squirts Mustard
1 TBSP Oregano
1 egg (or chia seed egg replacement)
Sea Salt

Mix ingredients together and form into 24 balls.  Drizzle them with olive oil, cover and place in fridge until needed. 

When ready, heat a medium saute pan over medium heat.  Drizzle with olive oil, then cook on each side for a total of 9-12 minutes.  Serve with spaghetti sauce and pasta.

A favorite for spaghetti sauce includes 32 oz. of tomato sauce, fresh basil, caramelized onions, garlic, Italian seasoning and roasted pureed vegetables.   

Banana Bread

Cream together:
            1 ¾ c. sugar                                                ½ c. butter
            4 beaten eggs
            2 c. mashed bananas (abt. 4)                    1 t. soda
            1 ½ c. flour                                                1 t. vanilla
            ½ c. whole wheat flour

Bake at 350 for 40 –50 minutes.  Makes 2 loaves.  

Thanks to my mom for this amazing recipe!