Freezer Tomatoes

Fresh ripe tomatoes
Quart size ziplock freezer bags

If you have the freezer space, freezing tomatoes is incredibly fast and easy (last night it took 35 minutes to freeze 14 quarts of tomatoes including clean up time). We use frozen tomatoes in soups, sauces, fajitas’, chili’s or any recipe calling for canned tomatoes. To use, simply run warm water over the tomato and the skins easily fall off.

Wash, core and quarter tomatoes. Fill quart size bags with tomatoes and store in deep freeze.

Option 2 (flash freezing): Place washed, cored and quartered tomatoes on cookie sheet in freezer. Once frozen, transfer to quart size ziplock bags. Benefits of flash freezing are the tomatoes are frozen separately allowing you to later remove only a portion of the tomatoes from the bag.

Use within 1 year (if kept at 0° F).


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