Garlic Breadstick Seasoning

Garlic Breadstick Seasoning

1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 TBSP garlic powder
2 tsp. oregano
2 tsp. basil
2 tsp. marjoram
2 tsp. parsley

Combine spices and store in a sealed container until ready to use.

Sprinkle on top of breadsticks (Little Caesar's Pizza Dough is my favorite for breadsticks) bake at 400 F for 15 minutes or combine seasoning with softened butter and spread on a loaf of French bread (cut in 1/2 lengthwise). Wrap in foil and bake at 375 F until butter is melted or open-faced under the broiler for a few minutes until the edges are brown and crispy.

I love this spice blend! Recipe adapted from Our Best Bites.


Melanie said...

This sounds really good. We make breadsticks all the time and I'm constantly looking for ways to change up the toppings.

I'm also going to try out your pizza dough recipe. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I melted some butter in a bowl and I added the seasonings and added it to the breadsticks. and it was amazinggg. but ther was too much salt. and I only used a teaspoon.