Keeping life organized

I have this whiteboard in our kitchen to help us keep track of important habits and tasks that we want to make sure we follow through on during the month. I have three sections: This Month, This Week and Today. Routines like date night, family activities, prayer, and exercise are all printed with thin magnets on the back. At the beginning of the month I list all of our tasks/activities for the month on the board. As we complete tasks, I pull them off. I also write “to do” items on there with a dry erase marker. Items that I’m not going to schedule on our calendar but are tasks I want to be sure I don’t forget such as calling a friend, making bank deposits, going to the library, visiting a park, spending more time reading with my daughter, etc.

I love how this board serves as a constant reminder of the important things in life along with the simply tasks necessary to keep a household running.

The quote on the wall came from me needing to readjust my perspective in life. I had a pretty severe neck injury two years ago that prevents me from doing many activities that I once enjoyed. It was very challenging at first to think that I would never do anything “big” again. But as my perspective changed, I realized that through small acts of service, small moments of quality time with my daughter and simple pleasures would all add up to be the more important things in life.

We have been using this white board for almost a year now and it has continued to be a perfect set up for reminding me of tasks that can easily slip through the cracks when life gets busy.

I recently heard that our brains are for creative thinking, not for remembering so to write things down so we don't spend our days trying to remember everything and inadvertently forget to focus on creative thinking and brain storming.

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Tycksen Family said...

You seriously are one of my heroes. Thanks so much for this post and for just being who you are. I would also love a copy of your inventory sheet. You are the best Emily!!