Corn Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

2 cups Masa harina
1 1/4 cups hot water
¼ tsp. salt

In a medium bowl, mix together masa harina and hot water until thoroughly combined. Add a little more water if dough seems to dry. Turn dough onto a clean surface and knead until pliable and smooth. If dough is too sticky, add more masa harina; if it begins to dry out, sprinkle with water.

Preheat a cast iron skillet or griddle to medium-high.

Divide dough into balls. Using a tortilla press or a rolling pin, press each ball of dough flat between two sheets of plastic wrap.

Immediately place tortilla in preheated pan and allow to cook for approximately 50 seconds. Turn tortilla over to brown on second side for approximately 50 seconds more, then transfer to a plate. Repeat process with each ball of dough. Keep tortillas covered with a towel to stay warm and moist until ready to serve. Makes 16 tortillas.

These corn tortillas are so fast compared to rolling out flour tortillas. From start to finish, I can make 16 tortillas in 15 minutes! You can find a corn tortilla press at most kitchen specialty stores.

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