Potato Chips

Cut potatoes 1/8” thick using a food processor or with a sharp knife. Spray ceramic plate with oil, then brush tops of potato slices with olive oil (butter can also be used) and sprinkle lightly with salt. Microwave 6-9 minutes or until you see small patches of light brown and the potatoes are crispy. Serve immediately or seal in ziplock bag for a later snack.

If using a food processor these really are a quick. From the time I grab a few potatoes from the pantry until the potato chips are ready to eat, its only 7-8 minutes. These are light and crispy with just a trace amount of fat.

For larger quantities these can also be baked in the oven at 500 F for 12-15 minutes, however the microwave tends to cook the potatoes more evenly.

If you find that your potato chips are sticking to your pan or plate, 1-2 minutes before they are fully cooked, loosen the potatoes from the pan or plate by pulling them off the plate, then putting them back on the plate. Cook for 1-2 more minutes.


Astrid said...

Fantastic! Thanks! I sprinkled with onion salt and garlic powder. It took more like 8 minutes to cook it.


Holly said...

Wow, never in a million years would I have thought of microwaving potatoes to get them crispy. I had one Yukon Gold (I think) left in my pantry so I was so happy to try this out. They did take way longer in my microwave but I just kept putting them and they finally became crispy. I'm sure mine were thicker than what they should have been but the Kosher salt made them taste like they were right out of a bag. I have one of those ridges knife too that my son likes to cut things with so they really looked like the real thing. (well, Ruffles any way...if you call that the "real" thing.

Holly said...

I tried the oven approach and do agree the microwave is better. I believe you updated your time in your recipe so just wanted to say when I referred to "way longer" in my previous post...it's like 6 min. and move them to not stick...and take out the thin ones and another 2-3 min. for the thick ones. I've been putting crushed rosemary, thyme and kosher salt on mine. yummy and just the perfect serving size.

Unknown said...

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