Freezer Corn

Fresh corn on the cob

Remove all the husk and silk from the ears of corn.

Bring a large stock pot of water to a slow boil. Blanch corn in batches, boiling for 4 minutes each batch. Remove corn from boiling water and quickly cool in cold water (a sink filled with ice water works well for this step).

Once corn is completely cool, cut kernel s off with an electric knife or sharp chef’s knife. A quick way to do this is to use an angel food cake pan or bundt pan. Place ear on center and begin cutting kernels off so they fall into the pan. Run the back of the knife along the corn a second time to get the juice and small bits out of the ears. Repeat until pan is full or all ears are cut.

Place in quart freezer bags or freezer containers. When ready to eat, simply warm in the microwave or stove, then serve.

Growing up I always looked forward to visiting my Grandparents farm and especially looked forward to my grandma’s freezer corn. It was the highlight of every meal. Incredibly sweet year after year- we all loved it. Thanks to my grandma for teaching me how to make this corn.

My grandma recommends using young corn and freezing the corn as soon as possible after it has been picked. This is due to once the corn has been picked its sugar will turn to starch causing it to lose its sweetness.
My favorite containers for freezer storage are the Rubbermaid Take-along 2.9 cup storage containers. They stack great, hold up well to repeated washings and if they break they are cheap to replace (10 for $3.97). Corn will be good for up to a year, to use, defrost in the microwave and serve.

45 ears of corn produces 27 cups of corn or 11 2.5 cup servings. 2009 prices are $4.00 for a bakers dozen. Salt and pepper variety is fantastic.


K Tass said...

Thank you - perfect timing! I just bought a bunch of fresh corn thinking I would make chowder but I cannot get it together to do that. I will freeze it for sure now!

Maxine from Texas said...

Ok, that's weird. Right before I decided to take a peek at your blog, I was thinking about freezing some corn! Thanks!

Holly said...

How do you cook the corn when you are getting it out of the freezer? I'm assuming, you are just blanching with the 4 minutes??? So, can you cook it straight from the freezer and how long?

Emily said...

Hi Holly. Yes, you are blanching the corn for 4 minutes before freezing. When you are ready to serve the corn, simply reheat it in the microwave or stove until warm- then serve just like frozen corn purchased at the grocery store.