Freezer Tomato Puree

Freezer Tomato Puree

Roma tomatoes

Slice Roma tomatoes in half and gently squeeze over the sink to remove jelly and juice. Process tomatoes through a Victorio Food Strainer using the applesauce/tomato juice attachment. Simmer for approximately 2 hours until sauce is reduced in half. Freezer in containers or follow proper canning instructions to preserve for later use.

My favorite containers for freezer storage are the Rubbermaid Take-along 2.9 cup storage containers. They stack great, hold up well to repeated washings and if they break they are cheap to replace (10 for $3.97).

A half bushel (23LB box) of tomatoes produces 35 cups of tomato puree. 2009 prices are $16.00 a box.


Maureen said...

How would you do something similar without that tool? I don't have one but would love to use fresh tomatoes.

Emily said...

Yes, you can make a puree without a large strainer- it just takes a little more work. :)

My salsa recipe has directions, here is the link.

Good luck!